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Ricoh Copiers

Copiers Refurbished carries a complete line of Ricoh copy machines. The Ricoh aficio fleet of digital imaging systems is considered by many to be the best full line of b/w and color copiers on the market. Ricoh copiers are known to be innovative and very efficient, creating a smooth paper workflow throughout your office. Ricoh aficio copiers are known for their productivity, and offer speeds up to 90 pages per minute in color and a blazing 135 ppm in black and white. When you purchase a Ricoh copier, you will be able to accomplish more with fewer resources. Ricoh copy machines help your staff find every available way to reduce costs and optimize processes, and at the same time ensuring security and ease of use. Copiers Refurbished offers the most current Ricoh copiers at prices discounted up to 75 percent off MSRP and other national markets. The Ricoh aficio copiers we refurbish have been used less than 5 percent of their life cycle. +/- Read More

All Ricoh copy machines empower your office to handle your document tasks with extraordinary speed and cost efficiency. Every Ricoh copier can digitally copy, print, scan and fax from a single digital imaging system. For this reason Ricoh copiers have a very low cost of ownership. Copiers Refurbished carries over 300 Ricoh copiers in stock at all times. All of our Ricoh copy machines are ready to ship within 5 days, while many are ready for immediate shipment- tomorrow. If you want a local service contract for your Ricoh copier simply ask our professional staff to assist you. All of our Ricoh aficio copiers are ready to go under a service contract. We also provide free shipping to any street level address when you purchase a Ricoh copier from us.

Copiers Refurbished is a division of Impact Technology Inc. and has had an A+ rating with the National Better Business Bureau for the past ten years. We are a quality oriented organization so you can have confidence that your Ricoh copier will look and operate just like it did off the showroom floor- or maybe even better! We put each of our refurbished copiers through a rigorous 93 point refurbishing process that is documented right on our website. After finishing the refurbishing process, each Ricoh aficio copier gets a certified "same as new" 90 day on site parts and labor warranty as well as an extended two year warranty on major components. Purchasing a certified Ricoh aficio copier from us is a great business decision- great savings, fantastic copier, free shipping and nation-wide local service.