Discount Copiers

Many businesses that are not paper intensive don't need a large copier, and others simply need a smaller desktop copier because of space limitations. Copier dealers in the printing business call these cheap copiers or discount copiers. At Copiers Refurbished we refer to them as desktop copiers, and while or discount copiers are small in size they provide huge savings as compared to the all-in-one devices sold at national retail stores.

Keep in mind that while all of our desktop copiers sell under $1000 our discount copiers are priced 50-75% less then national market levels. So even though these discount copiers are relatively cheap copiers compared to their larger predecessors they are very productive multi-functional printers. Most of our desktop copiers can handle original size documents up to 81/2" x 14" with paper capacity up to 500 pages. They have automatic document feeders that can handle up to 50 originals at a time.

Another nice feature of these discount copiers is some of them can auto duplex documents- printing on both sides of the sheet of paper. While these cheap copiers are inexpensive, service costs are minimal as compared to their retail counterparts. Because they use toner cartridges and not inkjet cartridges, toner yields are normally 10 to 15 times higher then inkjet cartridges. Service intervals are about every 50K pages so they are very durable as well.