The Pros and Cons of an Erasable Toner Copier

“Going green” are words we have been hearing for the last two decades.  Activists and celebrities alike have relentlessly pushed people world-wide to cut down on pollution and waste in order to preserve and protect the environment. This environmental self-awareness has encouraged many companies to design and redesign their products to be more eco-friendly and efficient.

One of the first items that comes to mind when people think of saving the environment is paper waste.  Many businesses have gone digital in order to cut down on paper usage; however, there are several situations where hard copies of documents remain a necessity. Toshiba Tec has taken this concept to a new level by developing a copier designed to erase toner from paper. It uses a special ‘erasable toner’ that loses its color when heat is applied, thus “erasing” print from paper. Printed paper is fed into the copier, which heats up, erases the print, then outputs clean paper. This allows for the paper to be reused once the printed contents are no longer needed.   It doesn’t require a special kind of paper for this, which is a plus, so you will be able to use the copier paper that is being used with your current copy machine. 

The advantages to this type of copier is that paper can be reused instead of thrown away, which cuts down on having to purchase new paper. Less demand for paper=more trees. More trees=better environment.

The disadvantages to this is that even though the copier erases the toner and puts out “clean” paper, you can still see a faint image of what was previously printed on the page, which means this is not an ideal process for sensitive documents. You would also need to make sure that documents printed with this copier are not exposed to extreme heat, such as being left in a hot car, so that the print doesn’t erase! Finally, only documents printed with this copier can be erased; you can’t just put random documents in and erase them to reuse the paper. So items such as flyers, useless mail, and the like, would not be able to be saved to reuse at a later time.

This is still a very early technological break-through, so in time perhaps the pros will far out-weigh the cons for investing in this type of copier. It is interesting seeing where technology is heading in the copier world, however, as more and more companies continue trying to “green up” copy machines in order to spare the environment from future waste.

Copiers Refurbished will continue to stay on top of advances in copiers, especially those that are eco-friendly. We currently stock  several Energy-Star copiers at both our Minnesota and Texas locations, so we can better serve our customers with copiers that are environmentally friendly and efficient.

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