How to Extend the Lifespan of your Copier



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Copiers are some of the most useful, if not *the* most useful, business machines in the office world. However, if you do not know how to properly maintain your copy machine, you will probably end up decreasing the lifespan of the copier, which in turn will decrease the efficiency and productivity of your office. Read on to learn some maintenance tips to extend the lifespan of your copy machine.

Before you start cleaning your copier, you should have the following items on hand: anti-static cleaner, a Mylar bar, silicon oil and a toner vacuum. Also make sure your copier is unplugged and you have your copier’s instruction manual with you, as the manual has a more detailed instruction for the care and handling of the copy machine depending on the brand.

1. Any kind of dust or particles on your copier’s scanner glass will affect the quality of scan, so make it a point to regularly clean it. When cleaning the scanner glass, always use a special anti-static cleaner liquid made especially for copiers.

2. The drum of your copy machine is the part where the toner and paper attaches. The drum is attached to a toner cartridge and uses high intensity light to make it conductive. Cleaning this part of your copier on a regular basis removes excess toner from your machine for better quality output. A Mylar bar (which should already be inside your copier) can be used to clean the drum. The Mylar bar looks like a plastic or rubber blade.

3. The fuser is the part of your copy machine responsible for melting and pressing the toner image onto the paper. To clean this part, use a very light coat of silicon oil on a cloth until the fuser is completely clean. Then use a different, clean dry cloth to dry off the fuser.

4. Periodically cleaning and vacuuming the toner copier will ensure the flow of ink is consistent and continuous, for better printing quality. Most make the mistake of using an ordinary vacuum in cleaning the paper and toner areas, however the static charge from the toner can build up in the vacuum, giving you an electric shock. Special vacuums are specifically made for cleaning copiers, so make sure to invest in one of these to extend the lifespan of your copier.

If you are unsure about which part is which in your copier, don’t be afraid to call on service providers that sell copiers for questions. If there are other technical problems beyond your reach, a provider is more trained and experienced in handling technicalities.

Proper maintenance and handling of your copy machine makes a very big difference in producing the best results in your photocopies and extending the lifespan of your copier. If you want to have a high productivity machine with less maintenance costs, follow these maintenance tips.

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