Copier Brands

If you have been researching different copiers on the Copiers Refurbished website, you’ve certainly run into the popular brands of copiers available: Canon, Konica MinoltaKyocera Mita, Ricoh, and Toshiba. Each of these brands offers excellent products with features to improve efficiency and productivity   in any office environment.  You may have noticed some other copier brands while doing research as well, such as Savin or Copystar, without realizing that these brands belong to one of the more well-known family of copiers, Ricoh and Kyocera Mita, respectively.    Here is the breakdown of the copier family trees to keep in mind when choosing a copier:


Gestetner, Lanier, and Savin are divisions of Ricoh copiers.

Savin C3030

Copystar and Royal are divisions of Kyocera Mita copiers.


Other than the name, there are not many drastic differences between the copiers.  Gestetner, Lanier, and Savin copiers are all made with the same parts and technology as Ricoh,  while Copystar and Royal carry similar functions and reliability as Kyocera Mita copiers.

While you may not see all of these brands of copiers on the Copiers Refurbished website, that doesn’t mean we do  not have them in our warehouses. If there is a particular brand of copier you’re searching for that you don’t find on our site, you can always call us or send an email with your inquiry.  Remember, we put every used copier that comes through our doors through our award winning 93-point refurbishing process and we sell each refurbished copier with a “same as new” 90 day warranty.



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