Copier Leasing

Copiers Refurbished has sold tens of thousands of copiers over the past decade and becuase our price levels are 50-70% below national markets, so many of our customers find it easy to purchase vs. leasing a copier. However, statistics show that about 80 percent of all copiers purchased nationally each year are financed under a copier leasing program. When a copier lease is right for your business, our professional staff will explain the different types of copier leases, down payment options, and end of term responsibilities.

One example of a lease option with Copiers Refurbished is the $1 buyout, where the lease is written so you actually get to keep your machine at the end of the lease term. This option is the most popular plan with our customers who choose to lease with us since people generally like the idea of being able to keep an asset they have paid for!

After you have chosen a copy machine from our site, simply write down the copier brand, model and purchase price. Then click on the copier lease application icon directly below this paragraph. You will be re-directed to a secure and encrypted web zone so you can fill out the form with guaranteed protection of privacy. Our lease application is a short, one-page document that will take less than ten minutes to fill out. Once you submit your lease copier application, a sales rep will call you to confirm the information on the paperwork and get you set up for free delivery of your copier, provided you are at a street level address and are accessible by a 52 Ft. semi trailer.

Has the business or any principal/owner ever declared bankruptcy?
Is the business or any principal/owner a party to any lien or lawsuit?
(plus $425 shipping)

Each of the undersigned certifies that the information requested above is accurate. The Lessee named above, its owners and/or principals, and all individuals whose names appear on the application expressly authorize consumer reporting agencies and other persons to furnish credit information to Impact Technolgy, Inc., separately or jointly with other creditors or lessors, for use in connection with the lease. Our leasing partners are authorized to receive and exchange credit information and to update such information as appropriate during the term of the lease. Information about you may be used for marketing and administrative purposes and shared with our affiliates. However, you may direct us not to share with our affiliates certain information (other than transaction or experience information) about you by writing to us at: Impact Technology, ATTN: Shari Mechels, 608 7th Street, NE Long Prairie, MN 56347 (Please include your social security number).